Neon and More Reviews – Dove Bar Custom Neon Sign

Neon and More specializes in Custom Neon Signs, and probably the most common request we get are custom bar signs. How cool is it to have your own neon sign in your home bar? Below is an example of an awesome sign we made for a happy customer. It’s the “Dove Bar!”


Neon and More Reviews Neon Sign

The sign arrived today and my husband is thrilled with it, thanks so much!” Reviews


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Neon and More Reviews – Eli Texas Neon Sign

Neon and More is located in Austin, TX and has been in the business of manufacturing Custom Neon Signs for quite some time now. Here we see a fantastic sign in the shape of the state of Texas we made for a gift for a customer of ours:
Eli Texas Neon Sign

 “I wanted to thank Mike for creating a beautiful sign for my son’s graduation gift (and for his patience w/ me through the process!). Eli was thrilled, and couldn’t be happier! It was worth the wait!!! Thank you again for a job well done!!”

Neon and More Reviews

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St. Louis Cardinals Neon Signs

The St. Louis Cardinals is one of the most successful professional baseball teams in MLB history, with 11 World Series titles under their belt (which is second only to the New York Yankee’s impressive 27 titles). As of this writing, they’re currently ranked #1 in the NL central, so maybe we’ll see a 12th title this year? I’m sure Cards fans are hoping! Take a look at these neon signs focusing on the Cardinals, which any fan of the team would love to have hanging on their wall:

St. Louis Cardinals Neon Sign

St. Louis Cardinals Neon Sign

St. Louis Cardinals World Series Neon Sign

St. Louis Cardinals World Series Neon Sign

Since the game of baseball is considered the American Past Time, it’s only fitting that these neon signs are made in the U.S.A. If these pique your interest and you’d like to have one made with the name of your home bar or the like, send us a request for a free price quote! Custom Neon Signs can include practically anything you’d like, and we’re quite confident that we’re the best at it! Cheers!

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Guinness Toucan Neon Sign: The History of the Bird

Guinness Toucan Neon SignGuinness Beer Toucan Neon Sign

If you’re familiar with the Guinness brand of beer, or are a frequenter of pubs or bars, you may have seen a sign or poster like the one above on a wall – A large beaked toucan holding two pint glasses on its beak, which is practically synonymous with the brand even though it hasn’t been used in official Guinness advertising media since 1982.

It all started in 1935 when an advertising agency produced posters for Guinness featuring various animals including an ostrich, a tortoise, and a toucan. The toucan poster included the verse “If a Guinness a day is good for you, imagine what Toucan do.” The toucan image stuck, and to this day it’s become Guinness’s most recognizable icon.

If you’d like a glowing piece of Guinness history for yourself or for the walls of a bar or restaurant, including custom neon signs that feature your name or business, just let us know! Cheers!

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University of Florida Gators Neon Sign

University of Florida Gators Neon Sign

University of Florida Neon Sign

If you’re a fan of college basketball, then you know (as of this writing) that the Florida Gators are on a roll and are quickly becoming an NCAA Title favorite. CBS Sports recently called them “the best team in the country.” Go Gators!

What you see above is a neon sign of their mascot, handmade in the U.S.A. If you’re a fan or alumni of the University of Florida (a member of “Gator Nation”), a great way to show your pride and adorn your walls is with a brilliantly-glowing neon gator!

If you love the Florida Gators and would like a customized neon sign of your own (perhaps your name underneath, or the name of your sports bar, or a brand of beer or liquor), custom neon signs can be made to say or show anything you’d like!

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Music Neon Signs: Guitar Neon Signs for Home or Business

They say that music makes the world go round, and sometimes you just want to capture the essence of music in a neon sign! Weather it’s to be put on display in your music store or used as a decoration piece to your personal music room, music neon signs can advertise a brand, let people know about the lessons you provide, or simply light up your drum kit.

Music Neon Signs can be almost anything, but this post will be dedicated to guitar neon signs, like this one of the famous Taylor Guitar company. This is a great sign for music stores or fans of, well, quality guitars!

Taylor Guitars Neon Sign

Neon and More can make custom neon signs of any type of guitar you can think of! From something as simple as this fender neon sign to Michael Angelo Batio’s 4 neck guitar, custom neon signs can be made of just about anything with strings, frets, and tuning pegs!

Guitar Lessons Neon Sign

Do you provide guitar lessons? Let everyone in your area know it!

Source: Neon and More Music Neon Signs

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E-Cigarettes Neon Signs: An Easy Way to Attract E-Cig Smokers

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve probably heard at least one story about electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs, hookah pens, and e-vapes as they’re sometimes called). Since we first posted about E-Cigarette Neon Signs last year, the number of vaping companies and retailers that sell e-cigs has practically exploded.  An article in the Bloomberg Business Week on February 6, 2014 predicted that e-cigarette sales could surpass that of traditional tobacco cigarettes by 2023.

According to an October 2013 article in the same publication, there are over 3,500 vape shops in the U.S., and most are independent ventures put together by owners of traditional tobacco stores. If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance that you’re the owner or manager of one of these stores, and if you’re looking to get more business by doing some affordable and cost-effective advertising, nothing does the trick quite like E-Cigarette, E-Juice, and Vapor Neon Signs like the ones you see below.

Hookahs Vaporizers Neon Sign

If you’re the proprietor of a convenience store that sells vaping equipment and not a store solely dedicated to e-cigs and vaporizers, you’re going to want to make e-cigarette smokers aware of that, and a simple and easy way to do that is to hang one of these signs in your window!

E-Cigarette E-Juice Neon Sign

E Cigs E-Juice Neon SignIf you’re looking for custom neon signs for your vaping business, we can help you there too! Contact us for a free quote for a neon sign that will attract customers into your store so you can cash in on this Billion dollar industry!

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