About Us

Neon and More helps customers create the custom neon sign, custom LED sign, custom neon clock, custom neon sculpture or custom neon picture that will best fit their business or personal needs. We have over a century of combined experience in the neon sign and LED sign industry as well as world-class customer service. We have taken our knowledge of the industry to improve upon what neon and LED Signs we can offer. We also work on creating new and exciting neon and LED products for our customers to enjoy. We manufacture the most of our neon glass at our own neon glass facilities so that we can carefully monitor what our customers will be receiving. Our lead neon glass blower has been making neon signs for over 30 years! Our corporate offices and glass blowing facility are located in Austin, Texas

Neon & More employs some of the most talented graphics designers in the country that can produce the most amazing custom neon signs, as well as, the most amazing custom neon signs with animations that are out of this world!

Neon & More works hard to ensure that our relationship with our customers lasts as long as our signs. Not only do our employees care about your satisfaction so does the owner, if there is ever an issue that you do not feel like is being resolved in a timely and professional matter please contact ceo@neonandmore.com.


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