Video Poker Neon Signs & Video Slots Neon Signs

In 2012, video gambling became legal in the state of Illinois, and according to an article in the Chicago Tribune, businesses that have video gaming machines on their premises earned $1.3 Million in revenue in the month of December 2013 alone.  Video gaming machines, such as video poker and video slots, are a major cash cow in Illinois and several other states where they’re legal. If you’re the owner of one of these businesses, you’re of course going to want to advertise that people can come in and spend some money and try their luck! Video Poker Neon Signs and Video Slots Neon Signs are the perfect advertising tools that pay for themselves in a matter of weeks!

Slots Video Gaming Neon Sign

In Illinois, bars, clubs, truck stops and liquor-serving restaurants are allowed to have up to 5 video gaming machines. If you have these inside of your business, it’s in your best interest to advertise that fact! One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to grab the attention of people walking or driving by your storefront to let them know that they can come in and play your video gaming machines are with video gaming neon signs.

Neon Video Gaming Sign

Weather you are trying to wrangle in serious gamblers or casual passersby that want to try their luck with the extra cash they have in their wallet, nothing does the trick quite like a bright and glowing neon sign that can be seen from hundreds of yards away. Custom neon signs can be made to display your businesses name, hour of operation, or anything else that you’d like!

Play Video Poker Neon Sign

Source: Neon and More Video Gaming Neon Signs


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Harley Davidson Neon Signs & Custom Harley Davidson Signs

Harley Davidson Neon Signs can be customized by Neon and More to suit your needs! Harley-Davidson Motorcycles have maintained its image of a classic American icon since the onset of the early 21st century. The brand of this motorcycle manufacturer so rooted in the culture of America that it epitomizes freedom and the open road.

Custom Harley Davidson Neon Sign

Custom neon signs can be made incorporating the Harley-Davidson logo around your name, the name of your business, or practically anything else for that matter. These would look great hanging on the wall of your garage or man cave, and also make great gifts for Harley fans of any age. The can be made in any size or shape as well!

Custom Harley Davidson Neon Sign

Source: Neon and More Harley Davidson Neon Signs

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Man Cave Neon Signs: Custom Man Cave Signs

A Man Cave can be defined as a room in one’s home that’s designed around the influences of the male in the household, separated from the influences of female tastes.  It can be a room where men can partake in their hobbies, play violent video games, watch sports with their shirts off, and is generally just a place where a man can retreat from the stresses of daily life.

There are many ways to decorate your man cave. Bear skin rugs, posters of bikini-clad models, pictures of your favorite band, and most popularly, neon signs. When you have custom neon signs of your man cave like the below one featuring the batman logo, it really makes your man cave unique! Want a neon sign with an image of the Millennium Falcon with your name and the word “man cave” on it? It can certainly be made. Practically any image can be turned into a neon sign by expert neon sign makers. These also make great gifts for Father’s Day or a Birthday.

Batman Man Cave Neon Sign

Here’s another example of a man cave neon sign, this one featuring a mortar and pestle. The possibilities are practically endless!

Man Cave Neon Sign

If you’re lucky enough to have a man cave in your home, why not make it official with an awesome neon sign?

Source: Neon and More Man Cave Neon Signs

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Neon No Facebook Signs & Anti-Facebook Neon Signs

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, boasts over a billions users, with over half of those people interacting on it daily. However, there’s a growing “Anti-Facebook” movement that’s gaining momentum. People don’t like the ever changing and loose privacy policies. People don’t like the fact that their personal details are being sold to advertisers. It distracts people from their work, it’s addicting, it wastes time, the list goes on…

In fact, according to a study done by the University of Michigan,  the more people used Facebook, the less happy they are. Another study showed that the more that people browse the site, the more envious they become due to social comparison.

Because of this, some places of business, schools, and other groups are putting their foot down and initiating a “no Facebook” policy. Custom neon signs like the ones you see below are being made and displayed on the walls to make people aware that Facebook is a big no-no!

No Facebook Neon Sign

Anti-Facebook Facility Neon Sign

Can’t you read the sign? Put your phone in your pocket and do your job!

Source: Neon and More

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E-Cigarette Neon Signs, Vaporizer Neon Signs, & E-Juice Signs

According to a report in Business Insider Magazine, sales of electronic cigarettes are expected to reach $1.7 billion by the end of 2013.  Has your retail location taken advantage of this increasingly popular trend yet? E-Cigs are being sold in stores around the globe, and because they produce a vapor instead of tobacco smoke they are even allowed in some locations where traditional cigarettes are banned. Because of their popularity, retail stores are seeing their profit margins soar by hanging e-cigarettes neon signs in their windows!

Electronic Cigarettes Neon Sign   Vapor Lounge Neon Sign

E-cigs, also known as e-hookahs, hookah pens, disposable hookahs, and portable vaporizers,  produce an aerosol vapor instead of smoke, and because there is no combustion of tobacco it is considered a safer alternative to cigarette smoking. Their visibility is becoming ever greater with television advertisements and celebrity endorsements, and it appears this trend isn’t going away any time soon.

Many retailers are relying on custom neon signs that advertise their selection of e-cigarette supplies to get the desired customers into their store. Convenience stores, smoke shops, head shops, and small grocery stores can see a larger turnout of customers, both the regular consumer and the curious type, with neon signs like these examples that can be seen from far distances.

E-Cigarettes Only Neon Sign    E-Cigs E-Juice Neon Sign

Sings like the one above that display “E-Cigarettes Only” are great for business in cities where there is a smoking ban, but vaporized e-cigs are allowed. Some electronic cigarettes are rechargeable and have a reservoir that holds a vaporizer liquid , called E-Juice or E-Liquid, which is another popular accessory that people buy a lot of.  There are even some establishments that cater to the vapor crowd by offering a lounge-type area where patrons can puff away on their herbal vaporizers. Don’t be left in the dust, let Neon and More create a neon sign for your storefront so you can grab a piece of that billion dollar pie!

Source: Neon and More E-Cigarettes Neon Signs

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Customized Neon Signs: The Coolest Gift You Can Give

Neon Sign Colors

so many colors…

You don’t have to be selling beer or the person in charge of directing people where the exit is to appreciate a good neon sign. While neon lights are mainly used for this purpose, they also can light up a room in your home. Plus, they make great gifts for those people that seem to have everything. The cool thing is that you can make a neon sign of practically anything!

Here are a few ideas for neon signs as gifts to give this holiday season. If the person you’re shopping for has a favorite T.V. show or movie, what better gift to surprise them with than a customized neon sign from it? Does the coffee shop in the image below look familiar? Of course it does, it’s the iconic set from the T.V. Show Friends.  You can have a neon sign made of the Central Perk logo from the show to hang on the wall in glowing brilliance.

Customized Neon Signs Central Perk Friends

How YOU doin?

Here’s another example of how custom neon signs can be made from a simple image. If you want a neon sign made from a cartoon donkey, we can make you a neon sign of a cartoon donkey.

Customized Neon Signs

Hee Haw!

You don’t even have to give your sign as a gift, but use it for a particular purpose. Here is one more example of how you can use a custom neon sign: Have one made that says “will you marry me?” in neon and propose to your girlfriend that way. As far as I know it’s only been done once before, and she did say yes!

Source: Neon and More Customized Neon Signs

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Custom Neon Lights for Weddings

Wedding Neon Signssource

There’s a phrase that wedding planners use to ensure that the bride and groom have the best day of their lives, and that’s “every last detail.” When that special day comes, you want everything to be perfect, including the decorations.  While some wedding decor is by-the-book (white tablecloths, white flowers etc.) some nuptials like to add some colorful flair to their wedding. One of the coolest ways to make the day as memorable as possible for both the happy couple and the attendees is custom neon signs for weddings.

The most popular neon sign for weddings is of the bride and groom’s name (or initials) in brilliant, glowing colors. They can be displayed in a heart like the example below, or it can just be the names against a black or clear backdrop. If you wish, the letters can alternate colors, or flash, or have a border. When it comes to neon signs, we make sure that every last detail is perfect and of the highest quality!

Neon Wedding Sign

Or, sometimes just a simple “I love you” in neon is all it takes!

I love You Neon Sign

Source: Neon and More Custom Neon Signs for Weddings

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