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Music Neon Signs: Guitar Neon Signs for Home or Business

They say that music makes the world go round, and sometimes you just want to capture the essence of music in a neon sign! Weather it’s to be put on display in your music store or used as a decoration piece to your personal music room, music neon signs can advertise a brand, let people know about the lessons you provide, or simply light up your drum kit.

Music Neon Signs can be almost anything, but this post will be dedicated to guitar neon signs, like this one of the famous Taylor Guitar company. This is a great sign for music stores or fans of, well, quality guitars!

Taylor Guitars Neon Sign

Neon and More can make custom neon signs of any type of guitar you can think of! From something as simple as this fender neon sign to Michael Angelo Batio’s 4 neck guitar, custom neon signs can be made of just about anything with strings, frets, and tuning pegs!

Guitar Lessons Neon Sign

Do you provide guitar lessons? Let everyone in your area know it!

Source: Neon and More Music Neon Signs


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