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Guinness Toucan Neon Sign: The History of the Bird

Guinness Toucan Neon SignGuinness Beer Toucan Neon Sign

If you’re familiar with the Guinness brand of beer, or are a frequenter of pubs or bars, you may have seen a sign or poster like the one above on a wall – A large beaked toucan holding two pint glasses on its beak, which is practically synonymous with the brand even though it hasn’t been used in official Guinness advertising media since 1982.

It all started in 1935 when an advertising agency produced posters for Guinness featuring various animals including an ostrich, a tortoise, and a toucan. The toucan poster included the verse “If a Guinness a day is good for you, imagine what Toucan do.” The toucan image stuck, and to this day it’s become Guinness’s most recognizable icon.

If you’d like a glowing piece of Guinness history for yourself or for the walls of a bar or restaurant, including custom neon signs┬áthat feature your name or business, just let us know! Cheers!


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