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Music Neon Signs: Guitar Neon Signs for Home or Business

They say that music makes the world go round, and sometimes you just want to capture the essence of music in a neon sign! Weather it’s to be put on display in your music store or used as a decoration piece to your personal music room, music neon signs can advertise a brand, let people know about the lessons you provide, or simply light up your drum kit.

Music Neon Signs can be almost anything, but this post will be dedicated to guitar neon signs, like this one of the famous Taylor Guitar company. This is a great sign for music stores or fans of, well, quality guitars!

Taylor Guitars Neon Sign

Neon and More can make custom neon signs of any type of guitar you can think of! From something as simple as this fender neon sign to Michael Angelo Batio’s 4 neck guitar, custom neon signs can be made of just about anything with strings, frets, and tuning pegs!

Guitar Lessons Neon Sign

Do you provide guitar lessons? Let everyone in your area know it!

Source: Neon and More Music Neon Signs


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Customized Neon Signs: The Coolest Gift You Can Give

Neon Sign Colors

so many colors…

You don’t have to be selling beer or the person in charge of directing people where the exit is to appreciate a good neon sign. While neon lights are mainly used for this purpose, they also can light up a room in your home. Plus, they make great gifts for those people that seem to have everything. The cool thing is that you can make a neon sign of practically anything!

Here are a few ideas for neon signs as gifts to give this holiday season. If the person you’re shopping for has a favorite T.V. show or movie, what better gift to surprise them with than a customized neon sign from it? Does the coffee shop in the image below look familiar? Of course it does, it’s the iconic set from the T.V. Show Friends.  You can have a neon sign made of the Central Perk logo from the show to hang on the wall in glowing brilliance.

Customized Neon Signs Central Perk Friends

How YOU doin?

Here’s another example of how custom neon signs can be made from a simple image. If you want a neon sign made from a cartoon donkey, we can make you a neon sign of a cartoon donkey.

Customized Neon Signs

Hee Haw!

You don’t even have to give your sign as a gift, but use it for a particular purpose. Here is one more example of how you can use a custom neon sign: Have one made that says “will you marry me?” in neon and propose to your girlfriend that way. As far as I know it’s only been done once before, and she did say yes!

Source: Neon and More Customized Neon Signs

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Video Game Neon Signs and Arcade Neon Signs

Video Game Arcade Neon Sign

Video game arcades started to become popular during the early 1980’s with the introduction of such cabinet-style games like Pac-Mac, Centipede, and Donkey Kong. This era was known as the “Golden Age of Video Arcade Games.” Those of us that grew up in this era probably remember going to the local arcade with a pocketful of quarters and spending hours a day at these magical machines.

These days, classic arcades are a rare site, mainly due to the rise of the home video game consoles in the mid 1990’s. Luckily, adult-oriented establishments that combine bars and video games are starting to pop up in major cities. Some people have even converted rooms in their homes to their own personal arcade, complete with classic video game arcade cabinets, pinball machines, and (if they’re lucky) beer on tap!

Video Game Neon Signs are a great way to decorate such places. They’re a great way to evoke nostalgia in people that grew up playing classic video games, and really add an aesthetically pleasing touch of authenticity. Even if you don’t have the means to afford a home arcade, you can still hang video game themed custom neon lights above your gaming PC or console.

Here are a few examples of video game neon signs, starting with some classic characters. That’s right, Pac-Man!

Pac-Man Neon Sign

How about a neon sign of your favorite classic video game company? Nintendo, Atari, or as seen in the example below, Sega!

Sega  Neon Sign

Source: Neon and More Video Game Neon Signs

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Create Your Own Neon Sign

You’ve seen neon signs out on the street, on the Las Vegas strip, or maybe even in art galleries. If you’ve ever wanted one for yourself, or are looking for a great gift for a loved one, you can create your own neon sign by simply letting professional neon sign makers know exactly what you’d like. It’s as simple as that! Custom neon signs can be made of practically anything. Here are 3 examples of how you can have your own neon sign to hang on your wall or to give as s gift.

A simple black and white image of this bulldog is turned into a brilliant neon sign!

Create Your Own Neon Sign

Small businesses know the benefit of custom neon signs, and a neon sign can be created with your business logo or insignia, with any text in practically any color and practically any size.

Create Your Own Neon Sign

Personalized neon signs make great gifts!  Looking for something unique, inspiring, and personal to give to that special someone? Behold the power of neon!Create Your Own Neon Sign

Source: Neon and More Create Your Own Neon Sign

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How are Neon Signs Made?

ImageEver wanted to know how custom neon signs are made? In case you didn’t know, neon signs are made of glass tubes that are bent into letters or shapes and filled with gas. When an electrical charge is applied to the tubes, the atoms inside the gas get excited and glow!

To make a neon sign, long straight glass tubes need to be bent using a glass blowing technique. Following a pattern drawn on a fire-resistant sheet, glass benders mark where they need to bend the tube with a marker.  Then they heat each spot on a device called a ribbon burner, which uses a propane flame heated to 1200 degrees F.  Within about 30 seconds, the glass softens enough to be pliable. The artisans gently bend the tube, then blow into the uncorked end using a flexible rubber tube to restore the original diameter of the tube. With each bend, they check the shape against the pattern and press a wooden block along the tube to equalize the width.


After the glass tubes have been accurately shaped, they cut off the excess. They then attach glass casings which contain electrodes and fuse an electrode to each end of the tube using a hand torch and a latex blowing tube. They seal the glass around one electrode and leave the other one open. Then, using a crossfire burner, they create a tubulation – a thin tube with a small bubble that will act as a passageway to the open electrode. They then fuse the tubulation to that electrode. Then, they carefully inject a drop of mercury into the open end of the tubulation.

Then. using what’s known as an end torch, they fuse the open end of the tubulation to a long glass tube leading to a pumping system, which vacuums out the air then injects the gas. To trap the gas inside the tube, the assemblers use a crossfire burner to remove the tubulation and seal off the open electrode, first making sure the drop of mercury has descended into it.

Next, they dip the back of the sign into black paint and use a brush to spread the coat evenly. This will make the lettering or design stand out. Next, they’ll light up the sign at high voltage for about 30 minutes. This will dry the paint, and more importantly, transform the liquid mercury into vapor that spreads throughout the sign.

Using transparent clips, they mount the sign onto a black Plexiglas background to make it stand out even more, as shown in the below picture.


Finally, they connect the protruding electrode wires to a transformer. This transformer converts the standard 110 volt current from an electrical outlet into high voltage current.  Once that’s done, you have yourself an awesome neon sign!

Custom Neon Sign

Finished product!

Source: Neon and More  How Neon Signs Are Made.

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Cartoon Character Neon Signs – 3 Examples of Neon Cartoon Characters

Neon Signs can be made of practically anything. The majority of custom neon signs are made for businesses for advertising purposes. It can be their business name, their logo, address and phone number, or anything else they wish to hang on their walls or window to let people see what they’re all about. For example, when you walk into a sports bar, you usually see custom neon bar signs all over the walls!

However, neon signs aren’t all just for businesses – they can of course be made for decoration or art! Many people like to have neon sculptures made to hang on the walls of their home just like you would hang a painting or other piece of art. Sometimes people like to have cartoon characters made in neon! These make great gifts for fans of a particular cartoon. Here are 3 great examples of what can be done with neon when it comes to making a cartoon character neon sign:

Betty Boop Neon Sign

Betty Boop Neon Sign – Here the 1930’s cartoon character is seen in brilliant neon. Boop-oop-a-doop!

Goofy Neon SignGoofy Neon Sign: Arguably the 2nd most famous classic Disney cartoon dog (after Pluto of course).

Pink Panther Neon SignPink Panther Neon Sign: Everyone knows the Pink Panther theme song, so go ahead and get it stuck in your head now 🙂

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Open Neon Signs – Custom Neon Open Signs for Any Businesses

Open Neon Signs

What does a store need to stay in business? Customers! More specifically, customers that come in and spend money! Since the majority of brick-and-mortar businesses are located on the side of the road, those businesses are going to want to advertise that they’re open; otherwise potential customers will drive right by it, or think that they are closed. That’s why neon open signs are the most common way for business to tell people, “hey, come on in!”

Depending on what type of business you are in, an image can be a good idea to add to your open sign. Perhaps you’re a Parrot Head restaurant that serves signature Margaritas and has Jimmy Buffet on repeat on the jukebox. Well, you should convey that on your sign – a neon parrot, a neon margarita glass, or maybe even a lost shaker of salt.

There are many more ways that you can customize your open neon sign. You can make the border flash on and off, or you can have the colors alternate as seen in the picture at the top. Make it fun! They don’t have to be the standard red letters with a blue border. Make it unique to your business, add some images that relate to your store, and most importantly, hang it so it’s visible to as many people as possible. You can even have a pull chain that turns it off and turns on another sign that says “closed.” Anything is possible with custom neon signs!

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